10 Normal Things You Do That Will Land You In Jail In Another Country

This list is so strict! Honestly, I would be in jail for just about all of these.....

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#10  Chewing Gum

Believe it or not, buying or selling gum in Singapore is actually illegal! If you are caught spitting gum on the streets you will get a fine. Maybe just stick with mints if you're going to hang over in Singapore

#9 Flushing The Toilet

Better make sure you go nice in early in Switzerland! Those late night bathroom trips could actually get you in trouble. Flushing your toilet after 10 pm, could get you arrested. The sound is too loud and considered noise pollution

#8 Changing A Light Bulb

 Unless you're a licensed electrician, don't plan on changing any light bulbs in Victoria, Australia. If you're caught changing one, be prepared to get slapped with a fine. How crazy is this? 

#7  Wearing Heels

Finally ready to head out to Greece? Better leave those sweet high heels at home. Certain shoes can mess up old monuments and ruins, so there's a ban on high heels

#6 Vaping

Oh snap! They aren't playing in Thailand. The use or sales of vapes are illegal and could even land you with a 10 year prison sentences. 

#5 Drinking Alcohol

From how old your are to what time of night you can buy it, alcohol is one easy rule to break. Before you start your next adventure know the rules in that area

#4 Swearing

Better watch that mouth! All those F bombs and favorite curse words that you toss around can really get you in trouble.  In Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales you will get more than a side eye for swearing

#3 Tattoos

Tattoos are super common but not accepted every where in the world. If you're staying in Sri Lanka, you could actually be refused entry to the country

#2 Peeing In The Ocean

Really? How would they even know? If you have to tinkle in the ocean in Portugal, ya better hold it. Yep, it's illegal to take a little old pee in the great blue there  

#1 Having Sex

 Sex before marriage isn't just a religious belief in the United Arab Emirates. If you haven't officially tied the knot, don't have sex here! It's a big criminal offense & you will get arrested 

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