We Need Tommy Wiseau As The Joker More Than We Need Air!

Just when you thought Heath Ledger's Joker was the best this come into our lives. I know you might be thinking, Carmine are you serious right now? Don't you mean "why so serious?"...**I'll see myself out**. Real talk, this was everything I expected it to be and more because Tommy is a legend! If you've never seen his movie 'The Room' what have you been doing with your life? It's a cult classic because it's so bad that it's actually good. That might not make sense but watch the movie and you'll understand. 'The Room' is the movie that inspired James Franco's 'The Disaster Artist', where James played Tommy (spectacularly I might add) and it told the story of how Tommy's 'The Room' was made. So things you need to do the next couple of days...

  1. Watch 'The Room' 
  2. Watch 'The Disaster Artist' 
  3. Thank Me With An Edible Arrangement
  4. Get Your Liver Ready For St. Patty's Day  

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