Ultimate Guide And Best Tips For Ultra Music Festival

Next weekend, people from all over the world are heading to Miami for three days of music by the world's best DJs! Ultra Music Festival is set to take over Bayfront Park for their 20th Anniversary on March 23rd, 24th and 25th. Trust me this is one of the most memorable music festivals you will ever attend. To get the best festival experience, here's some tips. You will thank me later....


Of all the things I have seen at Ultra Music Festival, this is the realest sign & truly the best advice

Sometimes the excitement of arriving will have you coming out the gate too strong. You will be dancing your face off, standing in the heat & can get dehydrated very quickly. Having said that, make sure you... 

  •   Drink tons and tons of water (Remember they even have free water stations)
  •   EAT! You will last longer, have a better chance of fighting a hangover and avoid headaches
  •   Don't get sunburned! Toss on that sunscreen, take a break in the shade & rock a hat

Next, make sure you know before you go! From bags to what you need and everything in between....get the full list here. Look that last thing you want to do is get all the way to the gate and have to go back to the care or your hotel room.  

Ultra Music Festival is know for their elaborate stages and there are a total of 8 different ones. Each stage has it's own unique design & different lineup of artist. Here's a look at a few of the stages from last year and some insider tips...

If you plan on showing off those sweet dance moves, hit up this stage. You will  be able to move quicker and won't kick up dirt every two seconds

When you need a little break in the day, this stage has lots of trees near by and isn't as hot as standing by the main stage. Also good place for a little nap




 *Restroom tip.... the best bathroom is near this stage! If you're not a fan of the good old porta potty, look for this stage. There are real bathrooms near here

Lastly, plan a buddy system. Thousands and thousands of people will be there. Your phone might die, maybe you had too many beers or just simply don't know your way around. Have a meet up spot with your crew.  Well friends, the countdown is on! See everyone soon


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