Phantom Dog Filmed in England?

A paranormal research group in England have obtained footage of what they believe could be a phantom dog!

The eerie video, which was captured at the ruins of a medieval castle near the English city of Wakefield, was posted online by the group Haunted Yorkshire.

According to them, the footage was taken by a woman who was walking near the iconic Sandal Castle and spotted something out of the ordinary lurking nearby.

Fortunately, the witness managed to film the oddity with her cell phone, producing an intriguing, albeit ambiguous, piece of footage.

The brief scene features what appears to be a four-legged creature dashing in front of the castle, although the exact nature of the anomaly is rather hard to discern.

The team at Haunted Yorkshire speculate that the strange beast could have been a ghost dog or some kind of cryptid, but skeptics argue that the 'phantom' is merely either a trick of light and shadow.

What's your take on the weird footage?

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