Can We Get Katy Perry A Drink? The THIRST Is Real On 'American Idol'.


Have you ever seen a girlfriend run in faster than our man Trevor's? Loved how Katy ran away once she came in lol. She knew Katy Perry had her eyes set on her man and she needed to make a move. Real talk but Trevor has to dump her right? I'm sure she's a great person and wonderful girlfriend, BUT we're talking about Katy Perry here. Like Trevor, Katy is my #1 celebrity crush and this seems like a no-brainier to me. Worst case you end up disappointing Katy (likely in my case) and things end faster than you can say "Firework" and that's okay. Would you rather be the guy who stayed loyal and faithful to a genuinely good person, or the guy who hooked up with Katy Perry after an Idol audition? I'll wait...And as we wait for your answer enjoy some Katy.  


Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, Katy Perry is the clear choice here and glad we figured that out together. 



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