100 Concerts In One Year #18 Collie Buddz

18th show of 2018 #Kelsi100Concerts

100 concerts in one year...the challenge is on! If you have no idea WTF I'm talking about, click here for the full scoop. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a huge reggae fan. When I found out Collie Buddz was coming to Old School Square in Delray I was super excited. During his show, this dude in the crowd was so determined to get Collie to hit his joint. He actually stood by the stage with his arm stretched as far as possible trying to get Collie Buddz's attention. During Collie's song "Come Around" he actually grabbed it! Yes, I know the audio is awful on this video & I apologize but you have to see this...

Over the weekend, I actually ended up hitting two concerts in one day. It was a crappy Saturday, I was getting over a cold & there was a steady flow of rain all day. Even though I wasn't feeling great I headed down to Delray Beach to see my boy and wouldn't you know it stopped raining right when he stepped out on stage.

On a real note, if you love those reggae vibes and never heard of Collie... WTF? You probably know a ton of his songs and didn't know it was him. Either way, let me introduce you to one of the greats


Check out more photos from Collie Buddz's show at Old School Square Park below

Check back and stalk this blog for a year of music and good stories. Remember, I have to average about 2-3 shows a week.  Well, until next concert.....

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