Be Honest This Orangutan Looks Cool AF Smoking A Cigarette.

Warning: If You're Easily Offended And Can't Understand Sarcasm Stop Here. I Love Animals and Of Course They Should Not Be Smoking. 

Yes smoking is bad and one of the deadliest habits to have. However, I have to admit Oden looks cool AF smoking a cigarette. You might say Oden? Carmine how do you know his name? Research ladies and gentlemen research. I'm no journalist, hell my writing style is that of a 3rd grader but I will make sure you know all the facts. Or at the very least what I find in 3 mins using Google. People are so outraged over this video that about a million people have signed up to a petition to have this Zoo shutdown. Is that a bit drastic? Probably, but if your Zoo is allowing animals smoke breaks who knows what other shady things are going down? Let's be real this was not Oden's first stogie, he was ashing it out and taking drags like he's a pack a day smoker. He was a Budweiser away from me confusing him for my grandfather. Keep in mind this is Indonesia a place where pretty much anything goes. Have we forgot about that baby who was smoking 40 cigarettes a day? If so here ya go...

Now that was cause for outrage and update that kid has kicked the habit!!! So here's hoping Oden can follow in this kids footsteps and kick that nasty smoking habit. 

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