When You Almost Died Because Your Dance Moves Were Too Sexy!


We all know the rules when your jam comes on you dance. Doesn't matter if it's church, the supermarket, a work meeting and especially on a boat. However, you always need to dance responsibly. Which our protagonist did not do. He came out the gate hot with an air hump and you could tell he was feeling himself. This probably clouded his judgement and he didn't see the signs that things were not going to end well. For instance at 0:08 seconds he slips up and has to grab the rail to save himself from falling. Clearly that is a red flag that maybe...JUST MAYBE you might want to take those moves elsewhere. Not this man as he looks danger right in the face and continues his journey towards becoming sexiest person on the water that day. So he thinks to himself "what's better than air humping while standing?"..."Air humping while both feet are off the ground of course!" A move very few people have tried and lived to talk about it. A move so risky it was outlawed in 48 countries in the Summer of 2016. The key to pulling off this move is upper body strength and he once did 1 whole push-up, so he's confident he has what it takes. Shockingly that was not enough to support this mans dream and ironically puts himself to sleep. 


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