The Waves Are Insanely Big At The Beach...I Mean Really Big

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The flags are red at almost every local beach & there's a reason! You might want to stay out of the water & be extra careful on shore. Some people have been swept out while they were standing on the shore taking photos

When have you ever seen waves like this at our beaches? A storm up north is the reason why we are having next level waves. Surfers, be careful out there. These aren't the baby waves your used to riding in South Florida. 


SINGER ISLAND SURF! Yes, this was our scene today! Surfers’ #paradise here on the Island; Thanks to Yosh of @simplelife_photography1 for sharing this magnificent view! High seas all week from the #noreaster #bombcyclone #Riley #WinterStormRiley #SingerIsland #WinterinFlorida

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I mean damn! Look at this aerial shot. It really puts in perspective how massive these waves are. On a side note, shout out to SingerIslandScenes for always having the best pictures. I'm a big fan of this Instagram account and basically stalk it. 

HIGH SEAS: Meanwhile in South Florida... Winter Storm Riley, the nor’easter that hit lots of our families up north last Friday, brought high seas here to the Island and beyond. This is resulting in: Surfers paradise (only for those who know what they’re doing); More beach erosion; Concerns about the impact of erosion for our nesting seaturtles this season; The closure of both the Lake Worth and the Juno Beach Fishing piers; The closure of the park walking path in Palm Beach Shores by the Inlet; The rerouting of the Grand Celebration cruise ship to Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades; Lots of ocean rescues up and down the coast, including of people sitting on the beach who were swept out by the huge surf; And LOTS more. The power of the seas is beautiful to watch, but not to be underestimated! #SingerIsland Fantastic aerial/airplane photo by @mmahla and @maggiejsherman: KUDOS! (See Singer Island to the upper right.)

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