Did I Just Cry Watching The Trailer For Winnie The Pooh? Maybe


Yo real talk 'Winnie The Pooh' was my childhood. When I first started in radio as an intern for 'The Mo And Sally Show' on Kool 1055 I was known as Pooky. You're thinking Pooky? Sounds like a person who sells drugs and cuts hair out of the same house. Flattered but no. Pooky is (till this day) a nickname my mom gave me and for some reason I mentioned it and Mo ran with it. So before I was "Your Boy Carmine" I was intern "Pooky". Now the reason momma dukes called me Pooky was my love for Winnie The Pooh. Try and keep up because this is where it can get complicated. She took Pooh and turned that into Pooky. A lot of science and math behind that so don't feel bad if you couldn't figure it out. So seeing this trailer hit me in the feels and I'm so down for this to come out. Now did I actually cry? Of course not I don't even cry during 'This Is Us'. However, if I were a normal person with normal human emotions this would have 100% made my eyes leak. For those saying "I'm soooo tired of all these Disney live action remakes" first off, they're awesome and you can't tell me otherwise and secondly this is a sequel. Hence not a remake you angry social media warriors. Plus Disney isn't going to stop something that is bringing in millions and millions of dollars. For those of you wanting to know who wins in a back-alley no rules fight between Winnie The Pooh and Ted it's not even close. Winnie is an OG and even if things weren't going his way the crew from Hundred Acre Woods would definitely jump in and Ted is done. When you roll with a clique like Pooh the streets are yours. Who does Ted have? Marky Mark? Please, Piglet could handle that light work. So if you've been ride or die with Pooh from day one I'm sure you're just as excited as me for this movie. If you're new to this "Pooh Life" welcome and enjoy, it's about to get real.  



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