Dad Makes His Son Run To School Each Day For Being A Bully.


Something you don't see everyday a parent actually being a parent. This father pretty much says everything I would have when talking about this video. His son is learning a lesson and it didn't require any form of physical punishment. Yes running is physical, but what I mean by physical is spanking or hitting your child. The kid is getting exercise and him running about 2 miles a day will have him on his best behavior once he gets back on the bus. Crazy thing is some people will still be outraged over this video which is the worst. 2018 were you can't hurt feelings or discipline. You need to be your kids and blah blah blah. Your kid will have plenty of friends what they really need is a parent. Sure the dad filming and posting it is kind of like a "look at me I'm an awesome dad share this with the world", but other than that he's spot on. So if you have an issue with the way this father handled the situation you're part of the problem. Kid was never in danger (dad is riding behind him the whole time) and I'm confident will be less of a bully in the future. 


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