7 Most Haunted Places In Florida

When you think of Florida, what comes to mind?  You're probably thinking of sunshine, beautiful beaches, and theme parks... and that's not wrong.  However, Florida has a bunch of tourist hotspots of a whole different kind.

Florida has a bunch of history and as paranormal fans know, there are some locations around this state that leave their mark in the form of unexplained activity!

Here's a list of the top 7 haunted places in Florida:

  1. St Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine 
  2. The Cuban Club, Ybor City 
  3. The Riddle House, West Palm Beach 
  4. Casa Monica Hotel, St. Augustine
  5. Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables
  6. Vinoy Renaissance, St. Petersburg
  7. Apollo 1 Launch Complex 34, Cape Canaveral

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