Naked, Drunk And On A Motorcycle, What Could Go Wrong?

What was the plan here? Was it to drive trough the wall? If so, NAILED IT! I want everyone to take a moment and realize how many stupid people are sharing the same oxygen as you and me. Most of whom get to vote and are definitely the kind of people who have at least 4-5 kids, and in the process pass their stellar genes on to the next generation.  Stupid people ALWAYS have far too many kids than they can afford. Why? Because they're stupid. They eat Tide Pods, and pour gasoline on their bodies and light themselves on fire. Of course when alcohol is flowing dumb people believe it or not get EVEN dumber. Which is one of the reasons this guy probably left his socks on. If you're going to be naked at least go all the way. 98% isn't what we're aiming for here champ. You take those socks off and get back on that motorcycle and give us 100%! Best part is I know how easy it was to convince this man to get on that bike naked. I'll give you a quick rundown...

Dude 1 : "Hey dare me to get on that bike naked?" 

Dude 2: "You won't bro, and even if you did you won't start it." 

Dude 1: **Yells to everyone in the garagae** "Yo! Dude 2 doesn't think I'll get on this bike naked and start it up" 

Party: "You won't, you're a b**ch" 

Dude 1: **Shotguns beer** "I'll show you assh**es, who has the keys?" 

(Keys get tossed to Dude 1 who is somehow already completely naked. Minus his socks for some reason) 

Dude 1: " You guys filming this? I'm bout to seeeeend ittttt." 

And that's how easy it is folks. Dumb doesn't need much help when it comes to doing dumb things. Basically beer and a dare is all you need. 

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