Yo This Lady Just Peeled OFF Her Face And I'm Terrified.


What in God's name is this!?!?!!? Excuse your French? How about excuse your nightmare inducing removal of YOUR FACE. This is terrifying on so many levels. How many women are out there with fake faces? I heard of women wearing too much makeup but an entirely new face is brand new territory for your boy. This looks like a scene from a Mission Impossible movie when they use that machine to copy another person face. Ladies if these are the extremes you go to look "beautiful" I'm going to tell you to cut it out now. Putting on makeup is one thing, but an entirely new face is totally crossing the line and it's scary AF. I can see it now, you and your Tinder date have an incredible night out and really hit it off. So why stop a good thing and you decide to go back to his place. Couple more drinks, some mood setting music playing in the background and it's about that time to "Netflix And Chill". But before you can get down to business you need to get comfortable and that means it's time to take off that face. So you figure he won't mind since everything has gone perfect tonight. You say to yourself it's no big deal I'm basically just removing my makeup. Oh but that's where you're wrong, because you are not just taking off makeup. You slowly peel back the curtain (face) and can see the look in his eyes as sheer terror begins to consume him. This night has gone from Rom Com to straight up horror movie in seconds. He doesn't know what to say or do and is frozen with fear. Can you blame him? He's witnessing another person peel off their face like a snake sheds it's skin. He wants to run but it's his place so where can he run? He thinks about setting the whole place on fire and cut his losses because fire is the only thing that can kill a demon. So let me now ask you, was it worth it? 


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