Strange, Mysterious Lights Over Milwaukee

During a FOX 6 broadcast in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the newscasters struggled to identify a group of mysterious lights in the sky.

"Are those fireworks?" one person said after spotting the odd swirling trail of lights.

"Aliens? What is that?"

The co-host replied, "What the heck is that?"

The never before seen lights have many people confused and speechless.  What could they be?

One Reddit user was able to provide an explanation for the phenomenon.  “They are seagulls, they look funny because the shutter speed of the camera is lower longer than the frame rate (to help brighten the night shot), so it gives the funny trail effect,” read the comment.  “If you notice, the cars on the highway also have the same trailing effect that the seagulls have.“

Could these be seagulls?  Or aliens?  You decide!

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