USPS Carrier Refuses to Deliver to Florida Nudist Community

There is a "clothing optional" community in Hudson, FL - just north of Tampa. The community has been there since 1968 and residents have never had trouble receiving their mail.. until now. A substitute USPS carrier is refusing to deliver packages to the neighborhood as she is uncomfortable with the nudity. 

Although the neighborhood has mailboxes outside of the gate for smaller letters, there is no place for larger packages and so previous carriers left them on doorsteps inside the compex as do UPS and Fedex on a regular basis.

One resident of the community for over 10 years now, Eileen Hudack, spoke out saying, 

“It offends me that she does not do her job because if she can’t do her job, then she shouldn’t be having this job...She marks it un-deliverable, whether it fits in the box or it doesn’t, so we don’t get the mail that day”.

There you have it folks! Hudson, FL may be in need of a new mailman. Anyone interested in the job?

Source: 6abc Action News

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