Legendary Pixar Animator Passes Away

Bud Luckey passed away in Newtown, CT yesterday at 83 years old. 

You may not have ever heard of Bud Luckey, but I'm sure you've heard of MANY of the legendary characters he created or voiced for Disney's Pixar. Luckey worked on films such as "A Bug's Life", "Monster's Inc", and "Cars", but he was also crucial to the creation of "Toy Story".

In the original plans for "Toy Story", Woody was supposed to be a ventriloquist dummy. Luckey was the one who changed him to a cowboy! Can you imagine Woody as a dummy? 

Luckey's son, Andy, spoke on Facebook about the passing of his father and what a wonderful man and artist he was. 

Bud Luckey, the world will definitely miss you and all of your creativity!

Our source for this material and the full obituary of Bud Luckey: https://screenrant.com/pixar-animator-bud-luckey-death-obituary/

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