Demi Lovato IS The Sexiest Person On The Planet

Warning: Some Language And Sexy Images (A lot Actually)   

So Demi Lovato has gone from 'Barney' and 'Camp Rock' to certified Smoke Show and is my 2018 winner for Sexiest Artist and it's not even March yet. The promo for her 'Tell Me You Love Me' World Tour should win some kind of award. You already have her die hard established fan base wanting to see her, a lot of them are teenage girls and now you have her fans dad's wanting to see her too. Probably for different reasons, but when you sell out arenas does it really matter? No wonder Superman actor Henry Cavill has been caught on numerous occasions liking and commenting on her pics. His two weaknesses are Kryptonite and Demi Thirst Traps. It's okay Henry you are not alone my friend. I don't know when it started but it seemed like out of nowhere Demi just turned it on and has never looked back. So Demi you're an unreal talent and have it all. The voice, the personality, she can kick ass too (she studies martial arts) and clearly has the look. 



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