10 Must Haves for Okeechobee Fest

The 2018 Okeechobee Music Festival is just a few days away.

If you're lucky enough to be attending this major music and arts festival out in Sunshine Grove, be sure to be prepared for whatever the festival may bring (especially if this is your first time in attendance!). 

Even the most frequent concertgoer is slightly overwhelmed on first experiencing this festival. Here's the top 10 things you should have to insure the weekend goes amazing!

1. Clothing and Food for Four Days

Don't be that person who wears the same sweaty T-Shirt for the entire festival. Be sure to bring at least 2 changes of clothes per day. Plus, you don't want to spend loads of money on festival food all weekend, pack non perishable foods and maybe a cooler to keep at the campsite loaded with drinks.

2. Tent and Canopy

Make the most of the experience, by insuring you're camping "comfortably". You'll be glad you have a place of your own by the second and third day. 


Unless you want to go home looking like a shriveled overcooked slice of bacon...

4. Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is more important than you might release. It's very easy to start feeling sick if not properly drinking water and being in the sun all day. Consider bringing a CamelBak or canteen. 

5. Toilet Paper and Toiletries

Are you going to use that same sweaty T-Shirt to wipe your butt...? Also, PLEASE don't forget deodorant!

6. A Fanny Pack

This will prevent money, phones, and other essentials from getting lost or stolen while running around the groves.

7. Light Blanket or Beach Towel

For resting in between sets and enjoying the sun.

8. Lanterns 

Uh oh your phone died and that was the only "flashlight" you brought. Try finding your charger in the dark now. 

9. Earplugs

Because the music blares all hours of the night!

10. Phone Chargers

Except for those select few that are going completely off the grid for the weekend, you're going to want your phone! See #8 on this packing list.

For the full list on everything you need to know before venturing out to Sunshine Grove, see this in-depth article on southflorida.com! Most importantly, have fun! This will be a music experience you'll remember forever, make it a good one!

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