Florida Man Attacks Store Clerk with Hot Dogs & Corn Dog Stick!!!

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So apparently this dude in Marion County (just North of Orlando) goes to the gas station to buy beer. The friendly clerk at the Petro Gas station says "No beer for you!!!" Dude gets mad and threw hot dogs at her... then he poked her in the face with the stick from a tasty corn dog!!!!!!

Needless to say, Dude was arrested! Just so happens that the attack violated his parole... so he's locked up in the Marion County Jail with no bail!



MAN BATTERS GAS STATION ATTENDANT WITH HOTDOGS, CORNDOG STICK On Friday, February 16, 2018, Marion County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) deputies responded to the Petro Gas Station located at 7401 West Highway 318 in reference to a battery that had just occurred. Witnesses told deputies that Cavan McDaniel (DOB: 05/27/1982) was upset because the gas station attendant would not sell him beer. The victim then told deputies that McDaniel threw hotdogs at her and poked her in the face with a corndog stick. The entire incident was caught on the store's surveillance video and it confirmed the victim's story. The victim was left with a red mark under her eye due to the corndog stick attack. McDaniel was arrested and charged with Battery-Touch or Strike and his probation from Pasco County was violated. He remains in the Marion County Jail on no bond due to the probation violation.

Posted by Marion County Sheriff's Office on Monday, February 19, 2018

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