Dude Makes Unreal Putt And Wins $100,000


One day you're at a Golf Show at some convention center in Minnesota and the next you're $100,000 richer. Life comes at you fast. I suck at golf (aside from Mini-Golf) so this was impressive and even if I was good this is still incredible. Speaking of Golf, adult spring break aka the Honda Classic gets underway at PGA National this week. If you've never gone to the Classic before you're missing out BIG TIME. No need to even like golf it's all about the parties and man do people party out there. If you can afford it spend that extra cash on Bear Trap tickets. It's where you can see the 16th, 17th and 18th holes (I think) and it's the ultimate party spot. People bet on which caddies will put their bag down first, which golfer will wipe sweat off their foreheads and loads of other things. The drinks are flowing people are enjoying themselves and yes there is also golf if that's your thing. 


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