Kid From Hell Screams For ENTIRE 8 Hour Flight


If you don't have kids I'm sure watching this video made you thankful for that. This kid is birth control in human form. How this airline didn't kick this demon child and his mother off the plane is bananas. THEY DIDN'T EVEN TAKE OFF before he went crazy. The stones on that mom asking about getting the WiFi going was something else. Seriously lady? Clearly it's the lack of WiFi and not you're inability to control your child that's the problem. Delusional much? Also how did this kid have the endurance to cry and throw a tantrum for 8 hours? You would think he would have cried himself to sleep. I  wouldn't actually do it, but after watching that I thought about tossing that kid in the overhead compartment. Or give him an apple juice with a splash of Benadryl. 


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