My Underwater Adventures At Beaches Turks & Caicos

If you have never been to Beaches Turks & Caicos, do yourself a favor a start planning your vacation! The water is the most gorgeous blue and kind of reminds me of that awesome blue Kool- Aid I drank when I was a kid. Yeah, yeah super weird but when you see the pics you will understand

One of my hobbies is hitting the water with my GoPro and capturing all the magic that happens underwater. Basically, I'm a free diver...okay only in my head but you get the point. I love to be in the water and this was such a treat for me. During my trip I got to Snuba (video above) & snorkel (video below)

Just what is Snuba? Well, if you are not a certified diver but have always wanted to crawl on the ocean floor this is for you. We swam off the shore until we were in 16 feet deep water and had a floating raft above us that held the tanks. Once you are at the reefs you start to descend...the weight belt definitely helps. A 40 foot hose that is attached to the tank allows you to stay under water and breathe!


I had a total dork moment when I saw these two creatures chilling. Look inside the whole!

Just look at those blues! Here some more underwater photos

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