Kate Upton Gets Destroyed By Wave During SI Shoot



Glad to see my girl Kate Upton is all good because that could have been really bad. The sheer panic in the voices of the crew as that wave approached was pretty funny. They knew that wave wasn't going to play nice and down went Kate. Then when it hits they all rush to Kate as if she's being attacked by a Great White shark.  How about that dude in the hat blowing his opportunity to save her? He had a chance to become a legend and instead probably got fired. He saves Kate she will remember that forever, and if she ever leaves Justin Verlander maybe there is a chance they get together. Sure Justin is a World Series and CY Young award winning pitcher who makes millions and millions of dollars. But did he ever save his wife from falling off a rock after being blasted by a giant wave? I'll wait...Now instead of this dude one day telling their grandkids about the time he saved grandma and fell madly in love, he will be telling his non Kate Upton grandkids about how he blew his chance at happiness.  


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