When A Black Mirror Episode Becomes Reality!


What in the actual hell are the crazy people at Boston Dynamics trying to accomplish? Did they not watch Black Mirror's episode 'Metalhead' or any Terminator movie? It's only a matter of time before these robots are self aware and that's lights out for us. This is basically one of those robot dogs in Metalhead that ends mankind (peoplekind it's 2018) as we know it! I'll admit robots are cool and that's part of the problem. It's hard to see the true danger in something that you also think is really cool. That's why lawmakers are trying to go after Tide because they make their Tide Pods look so cool and delicious of course you want to eat them. All joking aside lawmakers actually think that's why people are eating Tide Pods, and not because people are stupid. Now back to these robotic demon dogs...You know what? Forget it, remembering that people are eating detergent maybe this is best case scenario. If you would eat detergent you're definitely the kind of person who would pet one of these things once they go rogue. 

Here's a review of that Black Mirror episode. SPOILERS 



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