Grandpa Sets World Record Blindfolded!


Can we get a check on that blindfold? Looked like he had some room to peak but that could be the hater in me. Seriously this video was like watching paint dry, but a world record is still a world record.  Now this OG has his name immortalized. Super gross he was licking that ball and my man grabbing those rebounds had old man germs all over him but we all have a job to do. Gramps spent 15,000 plus hours practicing that and for those non math geniuses that's about 625 days, so close to 2 years of practice. You know how many times this man has licked a basketball? Let's just I wouldn't be surprised if he had the unofficial world record on that. So let this be a lesson to everyone out their, don't let age or societal norms stop you from chasing your dreams. If you want to lick a basketball a million times you go do you. Wait, that's not right. Go shoot free throws and be epic. That's better lol. 


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