WOW!!!! 2018 Olympic Drone Show is AMAZING!!


I promise you’re going to watch this the first time and totally think it’s a produced CGI video... NOPE!!!

Then you’re gonna watch it again and say “Holy Sh@t!!!!!”

Intel Corporation launched 1218 Drones that formed a snowboarding contestant in the sky and then morphed into the Olympic Rings! All the while, there are snowboarders and skiers forming the same images on the ground!!

This sequence was definitely recorded ahead of time due to “logistics.” But, hey, it’s pretty amazing and TOTALLY BADASS!!!!

Hell, I’ve lost or crashed every drone I’ve ever touched inside 10 minutes of putting my hands on it!! 

In 5 years, once the statute of limitations expires, remind me to tell you about my drone experience at 4am on Southbeach!!! 

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