Karma Hits As Lady Breaks Leg Stealing A Package


This week's POS award goes to... These stand up citizens from the great State of Washington! Assume that's where this took place because it's always cloudy and that douche in the Seattle Seahawks jersey kind of gave it away. Few things infuriate me more than people who steal packages. Stealing in general is messed up (hotel soaps and toiletries don't count). These two are something else though, you have bra less Brenda going in for the snatch and grab. That's when Karma said "not so fast' snapping her leg in two. Then because chivalry is not dead our hero in the jersey comes to save his fallen partner. He then lifts her up and somehow didn't throw his back out with that terrible technique. Your're supposed to lift heavy things with your knees bruh. At this point you would think they say "well that was a sign let's just get you to a hospital". Nope! He didn't put on his favorite jersey to quit when things didn't go according to plan. He got back out and grabbed the packages his girl fumbled on the goal line. 


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