Did This Conductor Get Fired For Being Too Hot?


So if you made it this far you've clearly watched the video and read the story so what do you think? Was the rail road company in the wrong? The problem here is this wasn't the first time she was fired by this company. The first time was for a train derailment which seems like a valid reason to get canned. Plot twist, she was reinstated after a court ruled in her favor for wrongful termination after they found she was fired for filing a sexual harassment complaint claim against one of her coworkers. So I think this company was looking for any reason to fire her again. Honestly the pictures are not "graphic", hot yes but graphic no way. However her commenting about her company is a risky game to play. I love my job and company iHeartMedia and even if I didn't no way would I bash them on social media. It usually ends poorly for the person and can follow you down the road as companies aren't going to line up to hire a tattle tale. Guess we will see how this play out. Feel free to hit me up on Instagram and let me know what you think. Speaking of Instagram, let me see if our unemployed friend is on there.    


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