Drunk Dude vs Gravity...Who Will Be Victorious?


Two things right off the bat, no way this dude made it more than 10 ft once he left Subway and I really hope he wasn't driving. This is most likely a college town so I assume he was walking distance from campus. Just a guess though because I never went to college. What, you think being a famous radio personality requires a college education? PLEASE, I've been sailing through life on my looks and charming personality. That's a life lesson for you kids out there btw. Back to the video as it was one of the most entertaining and exciting videos of a person leaving Subway probably ever. Sure he needed a little help at the end from my man in the Cowboys jersey but that's what friends are for. So wherever on the street this dude eventually passed out, at least it wasn't with an empty stomach. At least the next day when he wakes up hungover and bruised with Subway foot long cheese-steak breath he can look back at this video and know...He defied gravity, even if it was just for a moment. 


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