Instagram Becomes Stalker Friendly with "Last Active" Feature

Instagram launched a new feature on the messages page of the app. If you look directly under the person you are chatting with, you'll see a "last active" section. This will either show how long it's been since they were on the app or if they are currently on it. This also means that anyone can look you up under messages and see when you were last active. We all know some of you check your Instagram accounts every 5 minutes making this feature very inconvenient, especially when trying to ignore someone.


Luckily, Instagram did provide a way we can turn this feature off. Under your settings in the app, you'll see a toggle switch for "Show Activity Status" where you can simply turn the feature off. Note that if you prevent people from seeing when you were last active, you will no longer be able to see when other users are active. I guess this is Instagram's way of saying, "if you want to be protected from stalkers, you no longer have the option to stalk". How do you feel about this new feature? Like or dislike?


Source: Buzzfeed


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