UF Student Wants To Marry A Video Game!

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I love video games BUT this is on another level (pun intended). Though, who am I to tell someone who or what they can fall in love with? Sure to about 99% of the population it's strange and a big WTF moment. Once again who are we to judge? Clearly with her it's all about getting that good T. At the end of the day she's not hurting anyone (except maybe her parents feelings and hopes of having grand-kids one day) but who knows, maybe adoption could be something these two lovebirds think about one day? Seriously how cool would it be to say your dad is Tetris? One of the most popular and talked about games of all-time! Can you say most popular kids in school? I wish them nothing but happiness, health and high scores. Low-key she's got a pretty nice singing voice.  

P.S Do you think she gets jealous when her Tetris is all up inside Nintendo? They must have an open relationship kind of thing. 

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