The Top 10 Most Unconventional Christmas Trees From Around The World

They do exist! Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you the Nutella Christmas Tree


That's a lot of antlers & one unique looking Christmas tree


The classic bachelor Christmas tree made of beer bottles. How many do you need to make this tree? 


Be honest, does a part of you want to take a bite out of this Christmas tree made of french bread? The pretzel topper is perfect!


Hey! Wait just a second...that' not a Christmas tree at all


Orange cones & a little bit of caution tape is all you need for this Christmas tree


Jack Daniels took their Christmas tree to another level with their kegs!


Sometimes lights just don't do it! Take a look at this gem


This must have took forever to decorate. Nothing like a Christmas tree made with corn & potatoes


And of course, the Christmas tree made of sand right here in West Palm!



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