Kelsi's Top 5 New Music Picks Of The Week

There truly is nothing better than new music and the world can never have enough. If you're a young musician or singer, don't give up. Remember, at one point in their life, they all were just kids with a dream.

This is definitely my favorite song off of Eminem's new album. When Ed Sheeran was a kid, he rapped along with Eminem's songs to conquer his stutter. Love that they teamed up for this masterpiece! Sit back & enjoy "River"

Portugal. The Man is back with more surprises! Their new song "Cheer Up" is featured in Bright with Will Smith

There's just something magical about this song! I don't know if it's the beat, the lyrics or the instant smile you will get on your face. Here's the official video for Cheat Codes & Fetty's song "Feels Great"

Louis Tomlinson song "Miss You" is really catchy & fans are loving it

From the beat to the lyrics, this song has one sweet flow. Oh and Nicki Minaj absolutelys slays it in "Krippy Kush"

Hit me up on Twitter @KelsiRadio & let me know which one is your favorite! 

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