Kelsi's Top 5 New Music Picks Of The Week

There truly is nothing better than new music and the world can never have enough. If you're a young musician or singer, don't give up. Remember, at one point in their life, they all were just kids with a dream.


Get ready to fall in love!!!! Axell & Ingrosso new song "Dreamer" will be stuck in your head all day


 Camila Cabello is just getting started! Last Friday, she performed her new song "Never Be The Same" at Jingle Ball in New York


Now let's slow it down with Post Malone's "I Fall Apart" When you're cruising in your car alone with the windows down, this is the song you turn up 


Thirty Seconds To Mars song "Walk On Water" will stay with you all day. You will legit be singing this one when you go to rest your head on your pillow tonight 


What a team! G- Eazy & Halsey new one "Him & I" is a couple's anthem and super hypnotic


Hit me up on Twitter @KelsiRadio & let me know which one is your favorite! 


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