How Did She Fit Through This Window?!?!?!


I have so many things to say about this video. None of which are PC and I'd rather not deal with peoples fake outrage on Twitter calling me a jerk or bully. So instead I'll compliment this criminal and say how impressive it was she fit through that tiny window. Seriously, is she part snake? I love how she fills her cup with Diet Powerade (watching those calories of course) and since everyone at this McDonald's goes on break at the same time, she keeps a good thing going. She then hides her identity by putting a shirt over her head. A very underrated move because she looked a lot like Grimace (McDonald's now thinks it an inside job) And grabs every Happy Meal in sight. Her greasy paws from snacking on fries cause her to drop the box. Don't you just hate when that happens? PLOT TWIST! She had an accomplice outside waiting for the box of goods and hilariously drops one of the Happy meals. The accomplice then wipes the area clean to avoid having their fingerprints discovered. Solid move if it wasn't for that fact she touched a lot more than that and there is clear footage of her face. But what do I know I pay for my meals? Then the star of our film leaves with a brand new purse to show for it. Assuming she went out the front door, even though I really wished she went out the way she came in like Santa going back up a chimney. 



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