4 Things Guys Want You To Know (But Won't Say!!)

Men are hard to read when it comes to dating and relationships,  so here's a few things men want women to know about their dating world:

1. Men get tired of asking women out. It takes courage to ask a woman on a date. A little understanding and a show of appreciation can go a long way in making a guy feel like the effort was worth it.

2. Guys get turned off by women who play hard to get. Men need signs to know if a woman is interested. As Monica Marshall explains, "Playing the ice queen or being evasive is not enticing to men; it's confusing or just plain off-putting."

3. Guys like things to grow.  A guy wants to see the relationship is progressing. So if if it doesn’t  seem like his interest in you is equally reciprocated after a couple of  dates, he may just assume you aren't into him and move on.

4. Men want to feel admired.  Most guys would rather go out with a cute girl who appreciates them  than a gorgeous movie star who can only muster an indifferent thank you  at the end of a well-planned evening.

Source: Verily Mag
Photo: Getty Images

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