Even Gang Members Love Justin Bieber!

WARNING: Some F and N Bombs Dropped 

Yo what is my man Justin Bieber doing in the hood? Plus he's got his ride or die Selena Gomez with him too!!!!(That's her at the end) Also love how this dude who says he's MS13 (one of the scariest gangs) has Biber Fever. 

REASONS WHY JUSTIN IS IN "THE HOOD" (All Speculation and not actual facts btw) 

  1. He's Buying Drugs
  2. He is studying for a role where he is going to play a gang member in a movie. 
  3. There is a dope Taco spot and of course you need to feed that hunger. 
  4. Selena Gomez dared him that he wouldn't go there (Women, am I right?) 
  5. Just wanted to get away and not be bothered by paparazzi.
  6. Has a strange desire to be mugged.  

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