Survive It & Drive It On-Site Rules

From here forward “Producer” shall refer to any employee or designated official of WLDI-FM or iHeart Media, Inc. “Contestant(s)” shall refer to any individual participating in the “SURVIVE IT & DRIVE IT” contest taking place at West Palm Beach Kia on Military Trail in West Palm Beach, FL.


  • Contestants may not have bags in their possession or onsite during the contest except for one hand-held item (item cannot be a mobile phone).  Furthermore, prior to entering the car, contestants will be searched.
  • Contestants must disclose their full medical history. Any required medications must be submitted to Producer before entry to the car is allowed. A valid prescription must be presented if required or asked for by Producer.
  • Contestants must be in good health and physical condition and able to sit in one spot for a prolonged period of time.
  • Contestants will receive a minimum of 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) from McDonald's.
  • The contestant should be responsible for his/her actions, as the Producers may not protect the contestant once he or she faces public scrutiny.

Competition Proper:

  • Daily car Living will be digitally taped and/or recorded 24/7. Additionally, contestants may talk to the radio and car dealer staff, though they will not talk back.
  • During conflicts between contestants, they are not allowed to purposefully inflict physical harm to each other. Doing so could result in disqualification and forfeiture of any consolation prize.
  • Any contestant caught purposefully doing anything to make other contestants sick or causing out of the normal discomfort will be disqualified.
    • Examples: vomiting, touching, vulgar language, name calling or any type of harassment. The producer has the sole right to determine at any time that the actions of any contestant(s) are deemed inappropriate and thus subject to immediate disqualification.    


  • Contestants are to participate in challenges that can be physical and or mental.
  • Contestants must follow the rules stated in the instructions. The Producer always reserves the right to disqualify a contestant from a challenge if he/she fails to comply with these rules or for any reason Producer deems appropriate and acceptable.
  • The Producer has the sole discretion to continue or cancel a challenge, should the need arise.
  • During individual challenges, assisting other contestants on the challenge is forbidden unless approved or consented to by Producer.
  • A contestant may forfeit a challenge, whether before or after the challenge (where there is already a winner).

Elimination Voting:

  • Contestants may not cast a vote against him/herself, nor immune contestants. Doing so will force the contestant in question to redo his/her vote.
  • If a contestant refuses to vote, he/she will either face expulsion or become ineligible for immunity at the next voting.
  • Only a plurality of votes is needed to eliminate a contestant, not a majority.
  • If a tie occurs, a second vote would commence, where only the people involved in the tie will be eligible for elimination

Additional Rules:

  • Contestants may be evacuated from the car for medical reasons. With this, voting may be delayed if deemed necessary.
  • Contestants are responsible to report to the Producer about any situation that might compromise the safety of both the contestants and any personnel on location, such as infections and diseases.

More you need to know:

  • Personal hygiene products will be provided by the station. (toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, deodorant, contact solution if needed, feminine hygiene products,  
  • No Cell Phone
  • No change of clothing will be allowed
  • No smoke breaks or vaping
  • No bedding (includes pillows)
  • No Alcohol
  • No Weapons
  • No electronics (exp. Computer, game system, watches)
  • No banned or illegal substances

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