Szechuan Sauce Shortage Leads To Riots!!!!

In an episode of the hugely popular (for good reason it's awesome) show 'Rick And Morty', Rick is all about that limited edition 'Szechuan Sauce' Mcdonald's had in the 90's to promote the Disney Movie Mulan. To the point he travels back in time to get his fix of the sauce. This caused fans of the show to petition for McDonald's to bring the sauce back. Why? Because it's 2017 and people are insane. Luckily it's not like we have WAAAAAAY more important issues in the world to focus on. So McDonald's obliged and announced they would bring back Szechuan Sauce for a limited time (only 24 hours) figuring they could appease fans and also get some good PR. What they didn't expect was it's 2017 and like I said people are insane and came out in the thousands. This would cause problems for most limited release items, but when McDonald's only gave SOME restaurants 20 packets!!!! Yeah, sh*t hit the fan and stop me if you've heard me say this but it's 2017 and people are INSANE. There were riots, chants of "WE WANT SAUCE" "WE WANT SAUCE" cops had to be called in as McDonald's employees and costumers were fearful for their lives. Just a fun time had by all. What did the lucky few who got their hands on the sauce do? Started selling them on Ebay for FIFTY ONE DOLLARS! 

You guys already know what I want to say here, it's 2017 and people are.....(ENOUGH CARMINE WE GET IT BRO! THEY'RE INSANE) Now that you agree people have jumped to full-on insanity McDonald's has some good news for these Sauce crazed people. 


And of course some of the craziness for you to enjoy below.  

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