Lunatic Jumps On Hood Of School Bus!


If a kid threw a bottle at me or my car I would be furious too. Kids can be the worst, hell I was a pretty awful one myself. Still you can't go all psycho and jump on the hood of a moving school bus rocking a NRA hat, because pretty sure any rational bus driver is not going to stop and let you on. Even if he did, what's the plan here? Are you going to fight kids? Pull out your 2nd Amendment right? Yell and think these kids will take you seriously? Like I said kids can be awful. Plus, you think those kids are going to dime (hip term for ratting) on each other? Not a chance pal that's School Bus Code 101. Sure they're might be that one kid you can't trust when it comes to keeping cool and will snitch on you to the teachers. That's not the case here and even that kid would zip his trapper. 


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