iPhone X Face ID Will Probably, Sort Of, Maybe Work? LOL


HAHAHAHAHAH it really doesn't matter people will still go out and buy the iPhone 8 and then a few months later shell out $1000 for the iPhone X. Apple just prints money at this point and give us the same phone with a couple new features. Right now Android users are going crazy screaming I had that feature on my phone years ago and blah blah blah. If you're phone is so awesome why do you have such Apple envy? But Carmine don't you have an iPhone and plan on grabbing the new iPhone X? Sure, but I'm an ass and having the ability to have an emoji mimic my facial expressions?!?!? Basically would sell a kidney for that kind of nonsense. Just thought this was flat out funny and cringe worthy to have this fail on the presenter. 

Check out the video below for the a quick recap from Apple's event yesterday. 



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