Dude's Voicemails Prove He's A TOTAL D@#CHE!!!!!!!

Surprised girl using smart phone

DAMN!!!!! No wonder why you ladies call so many guys CRAZY! WTF?!?!?!?!

A woman named Olga had a brief run-in with a man named Dimitri. After the two chatted for several minutes, Olga gave him her business card. Days later, she received two voicemails from Dimitri that were so off-putting, she shared the audio on Facebook.

"I wonder what part of Olgas body he was thinking to use for the human skin suit he's trying to tailor in his mom's basement," commented one Facebook user.

"There's nothing wrong with him... Yea right! He is a full on psycho," another user wrote.

Listen to the voicemail messages below.

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