6 Things Better Than Sex

I find this highly amusing!!! What do you guys think? Not buying into this one AT ALL!!

Refinery29 asked readers what they sometimes consider more tempting than getting it on. Here's 6 things that are arguably better than sex:

1. Cheesecake. Because cheesecake, duh.

2. Puppies. Puppies are adorable, soft and warm, and they love you unconditionally.

3. Water when you're thirsty. Guzzling water when you're parched is borderline erotic.

4. A head massage. Nothing's better than lying on the couch while someone plays with your hair.

5. Making out. Making out is definitely (sometimes) better than sex.

6. Fancy dinners. Dressing to the nines for a candlelit dinner for two? Yes, please.

Source: Refinery29; photo: Getty Images


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