Parents of students at one local private school are scrambling to find a new school for their kids next year.  Administrators at Wellington Christian School caught parents by surprise when they announced that the entire school will shut down.  

The Palm Beach Post reports a letter from the "session", which acts as a governing body for the Wellington Presbyterian Church, attributes the closure to financial problems at the school that would drain the church's resources.  

Back in December, the church had said it would likely close the high school, unless enough money could be raised to save it, but after some recent fundraisers, it was decided that not only would the high school close, but the K - 8th grade classes also would have to go away.  

Administrators at the King's Academy say they will try to take in the students affected.  

That private school is hosting a meeting at 4:30 p.m. Monday for parents who are interested.  

Wellington Christian will answer questions about the closure Tuesday night at 7.

Photo: Getty Images