The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says it will no longer hold inmates at the request of Federal Immigration officials. Local civil rights group had been pressuring the sheriff to come to that decision. Under the current system, Palm Beach County picks up and holds immigrants accused of petty crimes while immigration officials decide whether to deport them.


Sheriff Ric Bradshaw says the county picks up the cost of that incarceration for up to two days. But he says they won’t do that any longer unless ordered by a judge.


The group People Engaged in Active Community Efforts or PEACE, had met with Bradshaw and he told them he’d take 30 days to decide the matter. That, according to the Palm Beach Post. Then the American Civil Liberties Union told Bradshaw he was setting himself up for legal liabilities.


Immigration and Customs Enforcement can ask local authorities to hold immigrants who are picked up for up to 48 hours before being taken into ICE custody, but those local authorities don’t really have to do that.


According to the ACLU, 1,166 people were held by Palm Beach County authorities on behalf of ICE between October, 2011 and August 2013.