South Florida won't be hosting a Superbowl for at least the next five years.

NFL owners this week eliminated Sunlife Stadium from the competition to host the 52nd Superbowl in 2018. Miami also lost out on other recent attempts to bid for a chance to host the big game.

The reason is believed to be the lack of a plan to renovate the stadium where the Dolphins play. It was built back in 1987 and is already considered to be one of the oldest venues in the league. Ten Superbowls have been played in South Florida, but without a canopy roof to protect fans from rain, it appears the NFL just won't budge on any future games.

State lawmakers declined to consider a bill during the last session that could have led to the taxpayers covering half of the $350 million in renovations.

The Palm Beach Post reports the Miami Marlins ballpark, plagued by low attendance, may be hurting Sunlife's was largely paid for with tax dollars.

Minneapolis, Indianapolis and New Orleans are the finalists for the 2018 Superbowl.

Photo: Getty Images