A memorial service will be held on Wednesday in Palm Beach Gardens, in honor of Kimberly Lindsey, the school nurse who was believed to have been killed by her ex-husband.

The service will begin at 3 p.m. at the Christ Fellowship Gardens South Campus, which is along Northlake Boulevard, just west of I-95. Friends and loved ones will join together to remember the mother of three.  

49 year old Lindsey was reported missing last week, then was found dead near Clewiston days later. Investigators were getting ready to arrest ex-husband Dr. Albert Lambert in Miami, when it was discovered that he apparently killed himself, by overdosing on drugs.

Lindsey's three daughters will now take care of themselves. A court gave guardianship of her 16 year old daughter, who attends Cardinal Newman High in West Palm Beach, to the oldest, a 20 year old. A website has been set up to raise money for the three girls.

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Photo: Lindsey family