We're hearing from another speaker at this week's World Leaders Conference, which is being held Wednesday and Thursday at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. 

Dr. Henry Cloud has written or co-written more than 20 books and draws on his experience in business and leadership consulting to offer practical advice for improving leadership skills.  He tells us that he also draws from another area.

"As a clinical psychologist by training, I deal with the three big areas that clinicians deal with: the clinical arena, stress and anxieties.  And then the relational sphere, you know, work relationships with teams, difficult bosses.  And then the performance side...how we actually get results."

Dr. Cloud is just one of 17 speakers at this event, including Martin Sheen and Ken Blanchard. 

"I am looking forward to hearing from Martin Sheen for a number of reasons.  One is, I live in L.A.  And the whole entertainment world is so fascinating because, you have some real flakes and weirdos in that world and you have some people that do really good things in the world.  Martin Sheen has done a lot of good stuff in poverty and a bunch of other social concerns, so I'm really looking forward to that."


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Image: World Leaders Conference