Liam Neeson's at it again, Jesus Christ returns to the big screen ten years after Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" and another dose of Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy character with some new jokes. 

Hap Erstein with and Joel Malkin also talk about The Oscars, Sunday on ABC Sunday.  That audio starts 8:10 into the audio below.

Click Here for the full list of Oscar nominees.


"Non-Stop" - Liam Neeson stars in another fast-paced action film that looks like "Taken" in a plane. 

"The Wind Rises" - A nominee in the animated feature category at The Oscars. 

"Son of God" - "The Bible" mini-series, pared down to 2 hours for the big screen. 

"Anchorman 2: Super-Sized R-Rated Version" - The director says there are more than 700 new jokes inserted into the original version, making the movie longer and possibly funnier than the first release.  He says that big fans of the "Anchorman" film will enjoy it, but others may not.  It's only out for one week.

Hap's Art House Pick of the Week

"Stalingrad" - This one is playing in IMAX in West Palm Beach.